Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Vs Quick Fix6.2

These two fake pee are undoubtedly the best synthetic urine brands on the market. However, there are many differences between them. In this Sub Solution and Quick fix review, I will compare them, tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying Quick Fix and why Clear Choice urine is still the most popular synthetic urine in 2019. I will also mention Clear Choice’s new premium synthetic urine and their brilliant practice kit, that makes using synthetic urine much safer!

A Quick Sub Solution Review

Sub Solution is manufactured by Clear Choice, they have a few other detox products such as Quick Luck, Oral Clear, and Rescue Cleanse detox drink. Sub Solution s premium category it costs two times more than any other synthetic urine. The reasons people choose this brand are: It contains many chemicals, much more than other fake pee brands. It also comes with a perfectly balanced PH and gravity. Uric acid and urea are both common in better fake urines, Sub Solution have them both. But the best things are the heat activator powder, which makes urine heating super easy, and another thing is it looks like real human urine, not like a fake thing. Looks smells like real pee and if you shake it a little, it can produce some foam just like the real pee does.

I don’t want to go in to even more details here, if you want to know more about Sub Solution, check out this review.

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Review

Spectrum labs Quick Fix is one of the oldest synthetic urine brands on the market. It doesn’t contain as many chemicals as Sub Solution, but it has all the essentials, plus some more (still better than Upass, Xstream or Agent X). For a simple pre-employment drug test, this brand should do the job without any problem. It’s premixed and it comes with heating pads. It’s not as sophisticated as heat activator powder but still works very well.

Quick Fix vs Sub Solution

Sub Solution vs Quick Fix

It’s easy to choose between them, Sub Solution is way superior to Quick fix, it contains more chemicals, Sub Solution looks like real piss, hell it even smells like that, on the other hand, Quick Fix looks unnatural, some says it has a greenish color, no foam, and no smell. Using heat activator is super easy, you can heat up your sample within a few seconds, the whole process takes less than 1 minute. Heating up Quick Fix is not that easy, first you will need to find the right temperature then wrap it with the heating pad and hope it works, otherwise, it will be too hot or too cold when you arrive at the lab.

There are two points where Quick Fix can beat Clear Choice Sub Solution: Quick fix is premixed so you do not have to mess with urine powder and mixing. The other thing is its price tag, Quick Fix costs 39$ while Sub Solution costs 80$. If you have some extra cash, and you want to be 100% safe, always go with Sub Solution. If you are low on budget and the test is just a simple pre-employment drug test, then you can choose Quick Fix, it will pass the test without any problem, just make sure the temp is correct when you enter the facility.

Quick Luck And The Practice Kit

As I said, in the beginning, there are two new clear choice products, the practice kit, and Quick Luck. Practice kit is what its name suggests, at check out, you can add this kit to your cart and you can practice for the “big day” it contains heat activator, you can do it a couple of times at home so in real life situation you will know exactly what to do. Quick Luck is the most expensive brand on the market, one bottle costs. There is not much difference between Sub Solution and Quick Luck, only the price and a few added extra chemicals. Quick Luck is premixed and it comes with heat activator powder and heating pad as well. For me, Sub Solution is more than enough, but if you do not want to mess with mixing water and urine powder, go with Quick Luck urine.