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Synthetic Urine For Drug Test Or Detox Drinks? What Works In 2018

I always recommend using synthetic urine for drug test, I have passed countless drug test with fake urine and it never failed me. The trick is to choose the right brand and keep it on the corrct temperature, if both requirements are ticked, then you simply can not fail your test. If you buy good quality synthetic urine, such as Sub Solution, then you wont even need to microwave the sample as it comes with heat activator powder, simply add it to luke warm water and shake it for a minute, that’s it.

Detox Drinks Vs Synthetic Urine

Using detox drinks for drug test requires a lot of preparation. It’s a must to stop smoking weed/using drugs a few days prior to your drug test, if you don’t you fail, its simple as that. It’s also advised to take some detox pills a few days before the test, just to pre cleanse your system, recommended pills are Toxin Rid (if you have the budget) and Herbal pre cleanse formula.

Using detox drinks are usually the same: Drink the entire bottle of detox liquid, refill the empty bottle with cold water twice and drink it. YOu must urinate 2-3x before the test to temporarly flush toxins out of your system. It works for some and doesn’t work for others, depends on so many factors, but mostly on your drug using habits, metabolites, body type and age. Recently I saw many raving reviews of Vale detox drink, some people state it’s the best detox drink for drug test.

However a couple of days earlier I saw this comment:

I used the Vale detox – Triple Strength Formula – I am a female 5’5″ 160 lbs. I had been clean for 14 days and had been drinking very large amounts of water for 3 days ahead of time. I am a moderate smoker. I followed every direction on the bottle. I think that you have to be careful with you body type or something. I had friends that had passed using this numerous times. I followed the directions exactly. As soon as I drank the whole bottle of the sweet apple I felt like I had blown up. I followed 10 minutes later with a bottle of water in the sweet apple bottle as directed. I had been peeing like a racehorse up until that point. Once I drank all of that my body felt like a blimp. I couldn’t pee at all. Before my test I was finally able to urinate 3 times and not a whole lot at that. I still felt bloated.

I did not pass the test. After leaving I was able to eliminate a little more but not a lot. I was so precise with following the directions, did not eat, did not exercise, everything. I even tested myself after getting home which was about 4 1/2 hours after using. Based on this I cannot recommend the product. I am out $49.99 and a failed test. Obviously. although most ingredients are vitamins and herbs it did not cause me to eliminate anything only caused me to bloat. On top of that it made me sick to my stomach and uncomfortable later that evening. I cannot recommend this product based on my results. Try something else!

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Stop Gambling, Use The Best Synthetic Urine For Drug Test

I would never recommend Vale detox or any other detox drink aganst synthetic urine. The best synthetic urine brand is Sub Solution, as I said before, the best is usually the most expensive one. One bottle costs around 75 US dollars, I do not think its a big investment, I do not think your job (or in worse cases) your freedom doesn’t worth that much. You can read many synthetic urine reviews online, you won’t find any negative one regarding Sub Solution.

The only way to fail with Sub Solution if the test is supervised or if you are too dumb and can not use the heat activating powder (do not worry, it comes with detailed instructions and its pretty straightforward). If you are still not trusted and you are looking for some more in depth synthetic urine reviews,  read some more here. Synthetic urine works period, it worked in 2017, works in 2018 and I am pretty sure it will continue working in the next years.

Make sure you always purchase your synthetic urine (and every other product) from trusted source, there are many fake and misleading synthetic urine reviews and shop ratings online, keep your eyes open and use common sense!